Massage Techniques Used In a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are intelligent devices which use a set of equipment working inside them to massage you in a similar way to a massage therapist. With a massage chair sitting in your home, you will have access to all the amazing types of massages by clicking only a single button. You don’t need to visit spa or call for a therapist. Simply sit in the chair, click a single button and enjoy your relaxing massage. Since a massage chair is designed to imitate the movements of the hands that a massage therapist uses in a massaging session, it incorporates the same techniques as the ones used in a traditional Shiatsu spa. To understand how a best massage chair benefits you, you need to have more information about the techniques of massage used by the best massage chairs.


Rolling is the type of massage which pays attention to the muscles around your spine. Rollers move vertically on this area while applying pressure constantly. This action warms up your muscles and relieves spinal pressure.


Tapping is also called the percussion massage sometimes which includes tapping of your muscles to relieve stiffness of muscles and pain. The tapping action also helps strengthen your muscles and improve blood flow.


The kneading action is a massage with grasping action to help you with your pain around the main pressure points. It grasps and stretches your muscles just similar to when you are kneading dough. This action relieves pain and also helps promote blood flow and the removal of toxins from your body.


Shiatsu is the most basic techniques that is utilized by almost all massage therapists and is included in the mechanisms of most good massage chairs. This type of massage started in Japan and quickly became famous throughout the spas of the world because of its proven therapeutic benefits and relaxation that it provides. The basic Shiatsu technique involves the application of pressure on some particular pressure points to drive away the pain and create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Shiatsu massage helps improve your circulatory and your nervous systems and treats neck and back pains, headaches and also stress.

Swedish Massage:

This is another popular kind of massage used by most therapists and also included in the design of most massage chairs. It is popular in the West and is the most suitable type of massage for people who do not get a massage done frequently and may find the other types of massages a little painful. It involves long and gentle strokes along your muscles to relieve you of muscular pain and stress. Other than helping with pain and stress relief, it also improves your blood flow.


This type of massage is also included in even the most basic models of massage chairs. In the more advanced models, this technique can be used in conjunction to the other massage modes for a deeper and more effective massage. You can even adjust the intensity of the vibration depending on what you want.

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